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Twin Cities Power Profile

How do the Twin Cities generate power today? How might they generate their power in 2050?

The power generation portfolio in the Twin Cities has been transformed by advances in renewable energy and the natural gas industry. Explorers will find out the state of power generation in the metro and where we might go in the future.


Explorers participate in Project Management and Technical Writing and Communication seminars for this CAP. Explorers also need to become familiar with the history of techniques for electricity generation and infrastructure.

This project meets state standards in Geography, Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics.

    Explorers visit the Hennepin County Energy Recovery Center (HERC) and analyze the efficiency of waste to energy sytems

    Explorers meet representatives from Xcel Energy to discuss the operations and future of the Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant

    Explorers do a virtual tour of a natural gas power facility.

    Explorers create geographical models for the locations of current and planned power generating facilities across Minnesota.

    Explorers analyze the impact of consumer scale renewable energy projects in neighborhoods in Minneapolis
    Explorers develop an app that allows users to input their address to view how and where their power is generated.

    Explorers write and publish a wikipedia page for the HERC facility in Minneapolis

    Explorers analyze and secure funding for a solar array at ExHS's facility in NE Minneapolis

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