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Seek purpose. Make an impact. Be heard. 

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Tuition-free public school for public good

Our community, the Twin Cities, is our extended classroom

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Exploration High School is a public charter school in Northeast Minneapolis opening September 2021 with 70 ninth and tenth graders. 


We believe in co-creating a diverse, equitable school - by, for, and with the community - where students have a voice in their learning and community.

New Type of School: Go Beyond the Desk

The world is changing but schools are not. Exploration High School pushes learning to the new frontier and disrupts the classic model. Explorers thrive by controlling how they learn.

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Make a Difference:

Learn by Doing

Exploration is not just a school, and Explorers are not just students; we are assets to our community. Through hands-on experiences, Explorers learn by using their skills, knowledge, and inspiration to elevate ourselves and  our community.

Proof It Works:

Schools with a Similar Focus

Don’t just take our word for it. Great schools around the country are preparing students for life beyond a textbook. Read their stories and listen to their students.

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