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Minnesota Redistricting 2020

Are all citizens in Minnesota represented fairly at the local, state, and federal level?

Fair representation is the backbone of our democracy. In this CAP, Explorers who want the voice of their community heard on the national stage use the data from the 2020 Census to ensure that Minnesota's population is represented fairly at the local, state, and federal level.


Explorers participate in Civics, Data Science, and Project Management seminars. Explorers also need to become familiar with relevant legislation and judicial precedent in gerrymandering.

This project meets state standards in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics.

    Explorers read and discuss Rucho et al. v. Common Cause et al. with advisors

    Explorers learn and discuss space division algorithms with advisor

    Explorers meet with state representatives

    Explorers analyze population data from 2010, 2020 census

    Explorers identify most heavily gerrymandered states/districts and communicate with their residents
    Explorers submit a summary to NE Minneapolis residents about their representation

    Explorers launch social media campaign about gerrymandering and representation in most heavily gerrymandered states and districts
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