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Community Built Affordable Housing

What can we build to help alleviate the issue of chronic homelessness in our community?

To address the affordable housing shortage in NE Minneapolis, students partner with Envision Community to build a tiny house for the facility. This CAP is part of an ongoing partnership with the Hennepin County Office of Workforce Development, designed specifically to get Explorers building and learning construction techniques.


Explorers in this CAP master the skills needed to permit, construct, and inspect a residence in Minneapolis. Explorers also take seminars in Project Management to execute and plan their work.

This project meets state standards in Social Studies and Mathematics, and also aligns with the goals set by Hennepin County to bring workforce readiness skills to high schoolers in Minneapolis.

    Explorers meet with the founders of Envision Community to discuss the projects history.

    Explorers learn and execute building practices in partnership with contractors and industry experts.

    Explorers build and install a "Unit A" for the facility.
    Explorers design and build a tiny house which will serve as a residence in the Envision Communiy in NE.
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